Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Picture tells everything =)

 He told me that
It's about 40++ years that he didn't have a birthday cake...
this is my 1st to buy a cake for him
anyway Happy Birthday! Dad =)

-Teacher's Day
-S.O.S save our soul, sing our song concert 
hanging out with friend in the mornig
having lunch on SUBWAY
watching Horror Movie with those sampat sakai
hmmm.... had a nice day =)

(guess what are we doing? lols...what a crazy night)

Choir Competition 
We  got the 2nd place
still a long way to go 
keep moving forward!

-CHKL The Harmonica Society performance 
-5 A REN football Match 
-The Cantata Debut

5 A REN '2011
My funny classmate =) 

it's happy to be with you guys 

if i can choose, i will stay myself in happiness 
why don't you?
Enjoy the simple things in life. SMILE =)

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