Thursday, 29 November 2012

There's no journey in life without an end

We study , sitting for the exam , hanging out , playing...

All together 

and now, here is the end for all of us.

For my very own Graduation Class Trip

it's just awesome,

Day 1

we got the same feeling to the same thing, Angry! what is it?


Day 2

we were riding on a speedboat moved out to the sea

and i still remember those crazy screaming sound

especially the girls

hence, boys are always the same, never say no to CC

but so sorry about that, for me

not in the mood on that day, hehe...

and girls, ate durian? hmmm interesting, haha

Day 3

the BBQ night,


not that funny as i thought in the past

but still , not bad la =)

as the last gathering for all of us in the trip

and the pillow talk (can i called it as pillow talk? hehe...)

not so many secret to be told and to be heard

but still, enjoy those time when we are all together

that's the most important thing

Besides that, it always make me feeling good to be with you all

even i was standing beside

and those time that i didn't exactly joined in the activity

there's too much activity during the trip

and of course a lot of special funny highlights

not going to record all it down in words but in my mind

( because of lazy...LOL)

maybe some of the time you guys were so annoying and "NO BRAIN!"

but truly

from the bottom of my heart


Thank you for being with me passing through all those memorable time.

All of you

Immortal Memory, 6 A Ren' 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Prom night


Finally , our very own prom night has came to an end

Everyone just look so great on that night

By the way,

I have to give a special thanks to my friend zhenbang(chiwawa) for making us late

Haha just joking, but it was a crazy and unforgettable night indeed 

Crazy driving :S , laughing loudly just because of parking case , 

Dancing on the stage , act like a boss and many many more 

Thank you everyone for making all of this so meaningful to my life

Last gathering for the whole 07' student of ChongHwa Independent High School 

Great prom night , Great friendship 

P.s. but one world hotel... Erm...look very grand but the food...haiz... :P

Monday, 5 November 2012





但 对于我们来说

我们的泪 肯定要比在场的所有人都来得重 来得深沉

这是我第一次 也希望会是我最后一次

参与 同学的葬礼...

我们陪你走过了 那最后一段路

你的离开 或许是让你解脱

飞往另一个 更美好的地方


安息吧 Ivan Chua...