Sunday, 3 July 2011

cross-country race

first of all , i have to say.....
"the cross-country race almost broken up my leg !!"  lols
running 7km on that day, i guess i never run for so long before 
and so, it seem like my body can't endure of that 
so weak hmm? 

anyway i will be attend for this race again next year =) 
cause it's fun (although it make me verrrrrrrrrrrrry  tired and ache)
i didn't get ranking in this race, but at least i ran the full journey...0_0 

and for my blue team.... 
though this time we did not win any major awards 
but we are still the best =)  
keep on moving forward, fight for the next time 
we can do it! 

(OucH! pain on my leg and body =P)

almost forgot , 
choir!! Go all out and do the best
let's bring back the glory =D

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