Sunday, 23 September 2012

How Time Flies

As my teacher told me that,

it's easy to develop a friendship, 

but hardly to manage or maintain it

we called it as the knowledge of friendship management 

Do you agree with it?

Seems like... 

it has been a long time since i post something here

a lot of thing i would like to write it down,

but always defeat by the laziness, 

guess that i'm not the only one who face this problem 

All right,

 this year is the year for me to graduate, 

which means this is my last year study in ChongHwa 

the feeling is quite complicated 

and my class, 6 Art Ren 

we have done a crazy job , 

but it's just a good memory for us to remember it

and of course it was fun, special thanks to my creative classmate, the organizer 

It was a Special "Mooncake Festival" event

we walked around the school and at the same time

 we sang the "mooncake festival" song which is compose by the organizer as well 

it's definitely considered as INSANE

propose a toast before the wild mission


here we go!

we left the laughing sound and the funny song melody in every other corner of the school

  mission completed! smile =) 

Anyway, i'm not going to write all the feeling out at the moment 

i think i will cry during the graduation, i'm so glad to be a part of you guys....

we have gained a lot of fun memories,  thank you 6Aren, all of you.

UEC is just around the corner, let's fight for it! 

p.s. photos taken from Facebook 

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