Saturday, 3 September 2011


going back to bentong with my sakai  friend & anuty uncle gang =)

yes... going back =) my home town  xD

actually.. we are going to raub already... haha

4x4 ROCK! wuuhoo! =)

water fall =) 
but i didn't bring extra clothes...
sad case.. = ___ =

i think this is the only "全体照"
we really forgot about it....swt =O 

going Karaoke with 5A3
celebrating Wei Hao's Birthday =) 

i didn't sing a lot...
but eat a lot~ LOL
Happy Birthday!! 

had a nice time with them =)

I spend my holiday with them...
and now... time to say hi to my HOMEWORK and 
trial exam 
But i never regret =) 
sweet memory~

My New Pets..
Bobo(Male) and Chacha (Female)!
right? =D

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